Hi Sam,

Firstly we’d like to congratulate you on reaching this stage. After managing to complete your fourth and final year of your degree whilst simultaneously becoming a father for the first time, it’s clearly been a journey for you.

The following time you spent teaching children scuba diving was commendable. Then of course you chose to fulfil some necessity somewhere else. Which we were concerned about at first. But you knew then after a time. You knew when you first walked through the doors of that job centre, sat behind a desk and started helping people. You were never late for that job.

Here we come to your time spent working with children. Since your second child started nursery you have clearly shown a genuine connection to the place, the children and the brilliant, fascinating people that work there. You can be assured, and have been advised accordingly, that all feedback from this area has been positive. The gardening, cooking, singing (perhaps not eh? 😉 Why you choose to pour every minute of your time into your daughters life and then volunteer, for free, for weeks on end with even more early years children is beyond me. But know of course that your time and help is always appreciated.

We spoke briefly about your belief in the importance of the early years, your interest in how the education system is shaped around them and how much you enjoy it. Out of all the weird, brilliant, symbolic things you have achieved with your life this is clearly the one that keeps you the happiest.

On a technical note it is admirable that you passed both the literal and numerical tests within one week after having only 4 days to revise for both. It is clear that you are perfectly capable of all that you desire.

Sadly, as we discussed Sam, things aren’t as they should be in this case. I would hope that we’ve all learned something out of this.

Yours in gratitude. If I can be of any help my door is always open.


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