When I think about faith I think about the following panel from Shannon Wheeler’s brilliant book Too Much Coffee Man.

Wheeler, S. (2001) Too Much Coffee Man  (Atlanta: Dark Horse Comics)

Wheeler, S. (2001) Too Much Coffee Man (Atlanta: Dark Horse Comics)

When we think of faith we often think of religion. Our faith in a higher power. Certainly as parents we have to consider our opinions of any religion. It is undoubtable that our children will be exposed to some of them. There are enough of us. And at the same time I would like to think our children would take interest in these ideas, these beliefs and these faiths. Some if not all of them have had their part in the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the world around us.

In nearly all societies these ideas remain steadfast in their relevance and in their power. Yet in almost all of these belief systems it is fair to say that they have been taught. Our beliefs and our inherent faiths are taught to us from a young age. Whether they be religious or otherwise the mind of a young child is eager to take as firm a belief in a faith as their elders may do.

We forget that believing in something doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Faith anchors communities. It binds families. It gives reason for an individual to not lose hope. To struggle further. To never shatter that belief. To never weaken. To find that inner strength.

For me I guess I’ve learned not to be disappointed. My belief is that life is short. My faith is that there is still blood pulsing through my body. My faith is that my family wake every day alive, healthy and happy (marginally). Everything else is just part of the experience.

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