16/6/‎2008 Louis Slipperz (sic)

“First let me say, i do receive quite a lot of messages from people around an about, but few of them write as convincingly as you.

Your clearly a talented writer so i applaud you for that.

In terms of getting involved with a book. I’m all for it. Im sure we’ve got more than enough material/images/writing etc etc to make up an interesting project.

I’m also up for getting involved with anti gun knife activitys.

However, i gotta remind you that i’m a musician/dj/producer and not a rapper, so my powers of speech probably not as cutting as chester or farmas. But needless to say i’d be up for helping out with anything serious on that front.

The problem with myspace is that any one can fire an idea at you. There is not a lot of quality control to sift of the jokers. So like i said. If you got something serious appening then by all means count me in!


– via Louis Slipperz

– See him here in action with Taskforce

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2 thoughts on “16/6/‎2008 Louis Slipperz (sic)

  1. @babberblog says:

    Oh, now that is VERY cool to see. Good work my man, good work.

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