Those able to draw breath after reading the words of motherventing are among the fortunate. Those able to feel their ribs after reading one of her choice pieces of cathartic bliss are lucky. Those who haven’t heard of her in one form or another are simply missing out on a piece of humanity that deserves more than praise. These are all facts.

motherventing – A 34 year old single mother to The Incomparable Moo, living on benefits and eating biscuits, writing sporadic blog posts and self-publishing books like a bastard while waiting to be discovered and made into an overnight literary sensation. Hexing and shminky dancing a speciality.

What else is there to say? Ladies and gentlemen allow me to peel back the curtain on the mind of motherventing. Peek if you dare. Those of a firm disposition take a firm hold of your faculties and loosen the grip on your subconscious mind. In fact why not loosen everything. Just hold on tight. Those of a faint heart and a gentle nature would be advised to look away.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you @motherventing *sweeps back curtain*


What piece of writing are you most proud of and why?

That’s a tough question to start with. Blimey. Most proud? Dunno. I could pick one piece of writing for one reason, then change my mind and choose another, for an entirely different reason. I’ve got multiple works-in-progress saved in the echoing caverns of my document folders on the laptop, some of which contain maybe the best stuff I’ve written yet, even if I do say so myself. I’m proud of them. I’m also proud of The Dukkering Boy, the children’s book I wrote for my MA, and for which I received a distinction. I’m proud of my blog, motherventing, even the posts which are mostly swearing and photos of my stretch-marks. I’m proud of tweets that I write which make people laugh or think or generally unfollow me in disgust. Writing anything which moves someone to a reaction makes me proud. And that’s not vanity; it’s just a quiet appreciative wonder that I get any writing done at all, because I’m a lazy fucker.

Now that you have published your blog as an ebook what has been the response from family, friends and/or people you know well? Did their response worry you?

I wasn’t worried about how people would respond. If I thought that while I was writing the blog, I’d never have published anything at all. Most of my family and friends know that I blog, and have never criticised or questioned my bloggish heart-pourings, which makes me soppily grateful, of course. In fact, they’ve been nothing but supportive and at worst, mildly bemused. Other bloggers aren’t so lucky and have to be anonymous. Mind you, having said that, I do get acutely embarrassed if a family member mentions my blog in any capacity, but only because then I know they’ve probably read about my muff.

Would you say that blogging and interacting with others has been a catharsis or a basis for therapy for you?

A bit of both. Isn’t that the same for anybody? I blogged my arse off when I felt bad, mad, sad, or maniacally happy, and it helped in so many ways to divulge such previously stifled emotions because, I guess, it’s an outlet. A very public one, sure, but if I can share and make just one person feel OK about themselves and their own feelings for a bit, then, hey presto, I’m a satisfied writer. Venting is good for the soul, I would advocate it on any day of the week. Besides, I can’t afford a professional therapist.

As a Mother what lessons do you hope to pass onto Moo and why?

Eat what you like. Don’t eat what you don’t like. Be happy with yourself. Be kind. Laugh a lot. Know that when you’re sad it will pass. Go for it, whatever you want to do. Don’t let idiots ruin your day. Know that you’re beautiful. If you have to drink, smoke, do drugs, whatever, do it responsibly. Play a musical instrument. Question everything. Never run with scissors. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Don’t wear hotpants. OK fuck it, wear hotpants. A smile always works in your favour. Take lots of photos. Wear sunscreen. Remember, sleep is precious. A hug can work wonders. Believe in equality. Try something new as often as you can. Go forth and conquer. Be brave. Be positive. Be grateful. Be full of love.

How do you deal with negative or inflammatory comments on your blog? Does it drive you or do you tend to ignore them?

Do you know, funnily enough, I’ve never really had negative comments on any blog posts. I think I had a troll leave something horrible once, and I just deleted it, mentioned it in another blog post, and then didn’t let it bother me again. Generally, though, I would say the overwhelming majority of comments/reactions have been utterly favourable. Which, obviously, I’m super-pleased about. If, hypothetically speaking, someone did want to provoke a reaction, then I’d be polite and probably shut it down. I’m scrappy but I’ll pick my battles. Some wasters just aren’t worth it.

Define parenting in five words

You will need courage. Innit.

What five words would Moo use to describe you?

Taller than me and scary.

Lastly if you could offer any new parent one piece of advice what would it be?

Ask for help. Don’t ever be scared to ask for help. Family, friends, partners, midwives, health visitors, doctors, old ladies on the street, people on Twitter, anyone. It’s so fucking terrifying, and nothing prepares you for that. So surround yourself with people who can support, love and advise you, until you’ve had some decent sleep and your brain is working again. Oh, and don’t give babies coffee. That’s frowned upon. Apparently.

You can, and should, follow motherventing on Twitter under her alter ego @motherventing. You can also stalk her nicely on Facebook. These corridors of social networking are not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.

In addition it’s worth mentioning that she is a writer. She is a very talented writer. Her imagination, poetry and use of the English language will not only enrich your life it will make you a better person. Do take a while to browse these fine publications. Do shed some hard earned cash from your ever decreasing bank accounts to help make her the success she deserves to be.

The Dukkering Boy

The Little Book of motherventing

And her new book, Brian and Charlotte

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4 thoughts on “@motherventing

  1. Wow it’s like I’m famous 🙂 thanks for interviewing me, Sam, it’s an honour to be included on your blog

  2. The Fool says:

    Love those last few bits of advice for moo, who wouldn’t want their daughter to be brave, positive, grateful and full of love.

  3. Charlie Williamson says:

    That advice to Moo made me cry! I wish I’d of been told things like that growing up. Love you MoVo!

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